Many prospects are emerging in Turkey for both businesses and individuals, especially as the country moves towards EU accession. There is a wide spectrum of opportunities that has always been there but which is now coming to the fore - from investments in new and traditional areas, in sports, to EU specific developments; from new and exciting incentive travel to educational and work related links at all levels.


Turkey - Business and Tourism

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Whether you are a Turkish business wanting to export or a British business wanting to source product or material from Turkey we can help.

Finding your way through a foreign and sometimes unfamiliar business culture can be difficult and time consuming.  We can increase the success rate for your business, and help you through the challenges that come your way.  Our discerning advice delivered with professionalism and integrity will help you.

Turkey is nation with plentiful natural resources and one of the most dynamic countries and many wish to sell to the UK or set up subsidiaries.  It is a member of the EU Customs Union, negotiating for full EU membership and the possibility of joining the EU make Turkey one to watch for the near future.  It is predicted the Turkish economy will be the second fastest growing in the world by 2018 and in the next decade, its size will be larger than in both Italy and Spain.  Prime Minister Erdoğan describes Turkey as having entered a “golden age.”  A joint governmental target is that the UK and Turkey will double trade between the countries by 2015.

With its lower cost base and young skilled workforce, Turkey already has an expanding export market based on manufacturing.  Business between British and Turkish companies is seen as a real opportunity.  However, from both sides it requires an understanding of the people, culture, etiquette, and approach to business.   

There are Turkish government incentives to help Turkish companies to develop sales in the UK.  There are also incentives for foreign companies to set up factories in Turkey.






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